I also want to sweeten the pot just a little bit more for you as a friend. So, I’m offering an affiliate program for “Friends” only. Once you have enrolled as a paid member of Jenn’s Friends, you’ll have the ability to promote Jenn’s Friends to your friends and invite them to join us.

If you are already a member of Jenn’s Friends, then you are already registered as an affiliate! Visit the affiliate area to access your referral URL.

For every person you refer that enrolls in the Jenn’s Friends Annual Membership and remains a member for at least 30 days, you will receive $100 USD! Monthly Memberships are not eligible for affiliate earnings.

Important: Please make sure to update your referral payment email to your PayPal email address. Do this from the settings tab in the affiliate area

How Referrals Work

To refer someone to Jenn’s Friends, visit the affiliate area to generate an affiliate link. You can create a link to any page in the Jenn’s Trends Learning Area (I recommend you just use http://learn.jennstrends.com/).

Once you have generated your unique referral link, use that link on the web to send people to Jenn’s Friends. You can post the link on your blog, social media networks, or in emails. You will receive money each time someone uses that link and then purchases a membership within 30 days.

In your affiliate area, you can view reports on site visits through your link as well as look at your earnings.