You want better results from Instagram.

Or any results at all…

Whether you’re currently using Instagram or want to get started, you know it’s the place to be for your business. As the fastest growing social media platform, being present on Instagram may be key to your business marketing strategy.

But if you’re not getting the results you think you should, it can be frustrating.

From what you should post, how often you should be posting, or what an Instagram strategy should look like, there’s a lot to consider.
You may be stressing about your Instagram content or strategy and it’s taking up too much (valuable) time in your day.

You’re not alone!

So many people love Instagram but aren’t able to successfully transition that appreciation into tangible business results.
As a result, your Instagram account probably looks disjointed, confused, and unaligned with your actual business goals, right?


Because an effective Instagram strategy is about SO MUCH MORE than just a pretty picture!

When I first established myself in the Instagram space, people told me I’d never succeed because “how hard is it to post a photo to Instagram?” Ha! Were they wrong!

There is a TON of strategy, content development, photography (or videography), marketing tactics, copy writing, and editing that goes into ONE successful Instagram post. And don’t forget the analytics and data tracking after the post has been shared.

If this worries you or overwhelms you, it doesn’t have to! I’ve been spending years crafting training tools to show you how to do things the RIGHT way and how to do them efficiently.

“You supply an invaluable service! Thank you for being my Instagram guru. I do not have the time to wade through all the social media site updates and do not spend any time on my own sites after spending umpteen hours a day managing sites for my clients.”


Are you trying one thing after another and just not getting results from Instagram?

Not getting website traffic? Not getting conversions or sales? And wondering where your audience is and why they’re not engaging?

Guess what? This is why I’m here to help you!

I have driven consistent revenue using Instagram. And I have provided strategic support and tactics to a variety of clients so that they see real results for themselves. Everything from small businesses and entrepreneurs to large scale, international companies. From product-based businesses to B2B and service-based businesses, they’re all seeing success with the right tactics.

And YOU can do it too. You just need the right plan, tactics, and support!


Look, there are plenty of training options out there. But they are generic in the sense of the material they teach. They aren’t talking directly to you. They aren’t giving you the answers for your specific challenges or customers. You’re left trying to figure it all out, based on theory and generalist advice.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have access to myself, and a group of other experienced business owners and marketers, who could answer your specific questions? Who could give you tactical answers that would directly resolve the issues or confusion you’re experiencing?

I want to provide you with direct access to me so that you can ask me your Instagram questions. So that I can provide personalized answers to individual challenges.
I want to give you exclusive Instagram training and breaking news before I share it with anyone else.
I also want you to be a part of highly supportive group of other business owners and marketers who love marketing on Instagram!


“If you are feeling unsure about Instagram you should check out Jenn’s Friends. This group is friendly and supportive, especially Jenn. She is always available to help you out, research a question or lend an ear. I can’t think of a better place to learn all there is to know about Instagram.”

I want you to be one of my “friends”!

When you join “Jenn’s Friends” you get all of this:

  • First priority for news and updates on Instagram – including my thoughts on them and their practical application – before I share those updates anywhere else
  • Unique training videos every month based on your needs which will ONLY be shared with my “friends”
  • Occasional product training videos with leading industry experts who will provide their insight and advice on Instagram marketing
  • Free Instagram marketing resources (ebooks, spreadsheets, PDFs, and more) for download once you enroll
  • The help and support of other business owners just like you who can offer their help and personal experiences
  • Exclusive Instagram account access for unique and exclusive Instagram posts and tips from me
  • Exclusive Facebook group access for community support with other “friends” and the opportunity to get my direct responses

In order to keep you growing and trying new things, I’ll also encourage regular exercises which will help you learn and experiment on Instagram. Don’t worry, there won’t be “homework” but we’ll be here to keep each other accountable for our growth and development.

Does this sound like fun? I love being able to hang out with fellow business owners and entrepreneurs so I want you to come hang out with us!

Here’s what one of my “friends” said about the program:

“I’ve taken B-School, Chalene Johnson’s Marketing Impact Academy, and oodles of other courses. Paid close to 10 grand over the years. If anyone is hesitant about joining don’t be — I waited a bit to join and wish I had joined sooner. It’s as if Jenn knows exactly what your pain points are and addresses them in easy-to-understand language and tells you exactly how to implement. JOIN NOW (no, I don’t get paid to say that, I just find her membership site the best one I’ve ever joined).” – Tanya Plummer Saunders


You’re probably wondering about what this is going to cost though.

Here’s the thing, I want ALL business owners to be able to afford this kind of personalized and accessible training and support.
So I am pricing this for you.

You can get full access to Jenn’s Friends for only $29/month! That’s totally affordable, right? I mean, if you cut out one Starbucks trip a week, you’ve paid for the program. Or pack a lunch, instead of eating out, twice a month, you’ve covered the cost!

BUT, if you really want to commit to being a “friend” and you want to save a little extra cash, you can also sign up for the annual rate of $279 (that’s a 20% savings!).

Within 24 hours of receiving your subscription confirmation, you will be granted access to everything in the program. And you will automatically be billed every month or year (depending on your original registration method) to keep your subscription active as long as you want to stay.

And there are no termination fees if you ever want to cancel! Because, well, that’s just annoying and if you’re not getting the value you feel you deserve, then why should I take any more of your money? However, if you have paid for a full year subscription, no refunds will be provided after the first 30 days should you cancel prior to your annual renewal date.


You want to know what else? There is no expiration date on the opportunity to become a “friend”!

This is not a high-pressure, buy-it-now-or-miss-out sales pitch. Because, you know what? I hate those things! I really do. I understand the value of them from a marketing perspective. And some programs need that kind of set start and end date. But you may not be ready to invest today. You may want to wait a month or two to get the finances justified to join. I get that. So, when you’re ready, I’ll be here. Register when it’s convenient for you!


I also want to sweeten the pot just a little bit more for you as a friend. So, I’m offering an affiliate program for “friends” only. Once you have enrolled, you’ll have the ability to promote Jenn’s Friends to your friends and invite them to join us. For every friend who enrolls in the annual plan, using your affiliate link, and remains a friend for at least 30 days, you will get $100. It’s that easy!